Silent operation of the powerful engine, predictable work of the corresponding brakes with regen system and substantial stroke of the tuned suspension system allow maneuvering with certainty on the road and off-road.

Choose your level and need for speed. With the Stayer you get a long distance runner an allround bike. For maximum endurance the Adrenaline package includes the best components of the world's leading Sram (Rock Shox, Truvativ, Avid) manufacturer, which correspond to the electric drive system with a peak power of 5 kW (6.8 HP) from Evelbike.

This powerful electric bicycle has the capabilities of a light motorcycle and requires the appropriate driving skills, knowledge and observance of traffic rules. But it can be stored in the apartment, as there are no smells of oil, fuel and etc. When riding in the forest you can enjoy the sounds of nature, without the roaring of a combustion engine. The cost of one full charge, does not exceed $1 (1.5 kWh according to your local tariff), and the brushless motor requires no maintenance. This is the vehicle, for which you need to pay only once - when buying it, unlike gasoline motorcycles that require constant investment in fuel, oil, filters and minor repairs.

Pedal when you want to or just push the throttle and listen to the sound of the opposing wind.

The depth of suspension will most likely give you a new hobby -  to search for passages using the most difficult routes and obstacles.